Virtual Tour


The Love Mindset virtual tour ran during January-February, 2014 and included dozens of inspiring, empowering blogs and internet radio stations all over the world. The stops covered are listed below.

For more recent media coverage of The Love Mindset, including tv and radio segments, please visit Vironika’s Media Coverage page.

Jan 3
Tiny Buddha

Jan 6
Motivational Memo, Peter G. James Sinclair

Jan 7
Raising Loveliness, Becky Lyter McCleery

Jan 8
High Existence

Jan 9
The Bold Life, Tess Marshall

Jan 14
The Change Blog, Peter Clemens

Jan 15
Zenspiration, Claire Charters
The Gift of Depression, Elzbieta Trzeciak Pettingill

Jan 16
Wake Up World

Jan 18
Sheila Applegate

Jan 22
Spiritual Wisdom Magazine

Jan 23
Vidya Sury
The Unbounded Spirit

Jan 25
Positive Provocations, Zeenat Merchant-Syal

Jan 27
Positive Empowered Radio, Victor Schueller

Jan 30
The BridgeMaker, Alex Blackwell
Evolution Ezine

Feb 4
Midwife for Your Life, Stacey Curnow

Feb 5
Sacred Earth Partners, Lori Lynn Smith

Feb 8
Kind Over Matter

Feb 10
Abundance Tapestry, Evelyn Lim

Feb 11
Walking Barefoot, Caroline Kirk

Feb 12
Everyday Gyann, Corinne Rodrigues

Feb 17
The Burned Hand, Aimee Halpin

Feb 24
The Bridge to Health Radio Show, Bonnie Groessl

Feb 26
A Flourishing Life, Gail Brenner